Borgijink Bouvardia is a modern cut flower nursery

is an innovative, state-of-the-art cut flower grower located in Groessen, The Netherlands and has specialised in the year-round production of Bouvardia since 2003. The popularity of this exclusive cut flower with its unique shape and splendid colours has risen sharply among both florists and consumers in the Netherlands and abroad. Borgijink Bouvardia places high demands on an in-depth technical know-how and a great passion for the product to provide you, our customer, with the best possible results. Borgijink Bouvardia therefore commits to:

  • supplying an excellent final product
  • ensuring 7 varieties are available year round
  • being a specialist in the mixed Bouvardia assortment
  • caring for the environment

Borgijink Bouvardia: discover the quality