Henk Borgijink embarked on the greenhouse and field production of vegetables in Groenlo, The Netherlands, in 1965. Over a period of years, the company began specialising in the cultivation of strawberries and chicory. In 1994, the firm moved to the Dutch town of Groessen where it produced cucumbers until 2003. Due to economies of scale and changing market conditions, a decision was made in 2003 to start growing another crop: Bouvardia.

Borgijink Bouvardia has now become an innovative, state-of-the-art cut flower grower specialised in the year-round production of Bouvardia. Quality, continuity and reliability are high priorities at Borgijink Bouvardia. An important factor in achieving these goals is the use of a state-of-the-art cultivation and processing system that reduces the time between harvest and readying the flowers for auction. Aside from the technical aspects, Borgijink Bouvardia is highly cognizant of the close link between flowers and emotion. Despite investing in innovation and automation, the cultivation of Bouvardia is still a matter of the professional skill and dedication of the people involved.

Environmental policy and social responsibility

The production of beautiful Bouvardia may be the ultimate goal, but environmental aspects are never overlooked. In consideration of current environmental requirements, the cultivation of Bouvardia has involved taking a number of measures and making investments in order to benefit from the latest developments in biotechnology. By following these latest developments and implementing them where needed, Borgijink’s Bouvardia are cultivated in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

In addition, Borgijink Bouvardia initiated ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ (Ecocultivation) in 2015. This new concept involves minimising energy consumption while producing a final product of equal or better quality. Ecocultivation is not only good for the environment but also saves substantially on energy consumption.

Borgijink Bouvardia has demonstrated that cultivating a reliable product of excellent quality plus caring for the environment can go hand in hand.